Managing expense claims

Managing expense claims as an employer

Watch this video on how to manage your employees' expense claims or read on below: 

To reimburse an employee, go to your Expense Claims on your left side menu and then on the For Approval tab. 

You will be able to see the details of the submitted expense claims and either approve or reject them.

If you choose to approve an expense claim:

  • The amount reimbursed will be included in the employee's next payslip. This reimbursement will appear as an additional line item in Pay runs and its status will be changed to PROCESSING and your employee will no longer be able to modify it. 
  • Once the associated payslip is paid, this expense will then appear as PROCESSED.
  • If you wish to reimburse this amount outside of a payroll cycle, in Pay runs you can delete all line items except the expenses reimbursements line items.  

If you choose to reject an expense claim, you can include a comment section explaining the reasons behind this rejection. Your employee will then be able to revisit this expense claim and resubmit it if he/she wishes to.