Enabling Payments with WeKeep Pay (UAE only)

1. What is WeKeep pay?

When you are creating an invoice, you have the option to accept online payments from your customer. WeKeep will transfer the amount the customer paid within a week to your bank account, minus a processing fee.

2. Start by configuring WeKeep pay

In your Workspace drop down menu, go to Account settings then click on Set up online payments.

3. Verify your bank account:

Enter your bank details to verify your account. 

Once you're done, the status of your request will change to PENDING

Within 24-48 hours, we will deposit a small amount to the bank account you've submitted, along with a 4-digit verification code in the description. You will need this verification code in the next step.

4. Enter the verification code

When you receive the bank deposit, come back to the bank verification screen and enter the 4-digit code.

The status of your request will change to VERIFIED. You can now enable online payments for any invoice you issue, including invoices already issued.

5. Enable WeKeep pay when creating an invoice

To allow your customer to pay with their card,  enable online payments when you are creating the invoice. 

Send the invoice to your customer through WeKeep.

Your customer will receive an email with a Pay online button.

Once your customer clicks on the Pay online button, they will be redirected to the page where they can enter their credit card information and submit their payment.

In case you need to share that online payment link with your customer separately, you can retrieve it from your invoice payment form by clicking on Copy online payment link. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Once your customer pays the invoice, WeKeep will automatically record that payment and will mark the invoice as PAID

6. Processing fees and eligibility

Processing fees: 3.2% + 1 AED per transaction. We currently only support invoices in AED.

Who is eligible: We currently only support businesses selling services based in the UAE and invoicing in AED, with a UAE bank account in AED