Credit notes: issue, apply to invoice or refund

Issuing a Credit Note to your customer

Watch this video on how to issue a credit note or read on below

You can issue a credit note to a customer if you owe them money ( click here for when to issue a credit note). After you issue a credit note, you can either apply it to an existing invoice or issue a refund to a customer.

To issue a credit note, go to the Invoicing section on the left side menu, then select credit note out of the options on the top, and finally click on the '+ button.

  1. WeKeep automatically generates a Credit Note Number in a sequence.
  2. Choose the Currency in which you'd like to issue the credit note.
  3. (Optional) Indicate the Purchase Order details of your customer's request.
  4. Choose the Contact corresponding to the customer you'd like to credit or create the contact directly in the form.
  5. (Optional) Assign the credit note to its specific Project. This allows you to track the profitability of your various projects.
  6. Indicate the Place of Supply.
  7. Set the Date on which the credit note is created.
  8. In the Credit Note Line Item:
    • (Optional) Choose the Item for which you are issuing the credit note.
    • Write a short Description indicating the details of the line item.
    • Choose the account where you'd want the credit note to be booked. For example, for a returned item, you will typically want to choose an Income type account.
    • Indicate the Quantity of the line item and the Price
    • (Optional) Add a Tax Rate if applicable
  9. Click Save and Send to send the Credit Note to your customer, or just Save to save it as draft.

Applying a credit note to an existing invoice

If a customer has an outstanding invoice and credit notes, you will be able to pay off the invoice with the credit notes.

To pay off an invoice with a credit note:

  1. Go to the invoice. A button labeled "Apply to credit note" will show up in the Payments section. The button only shows up if the customer has outstanding credit notes.
  2. Click Apply credit note. You will then see a list of all unpaid credit notes for the customer.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to allocate from each outstanding credit note to the invoice, then click Save.

Issuing a refund for a credit note

To issue a refund for a credit note:

  1. Go to the credit note.
  2. Click Record refund.
  3. Enter the date of the refund 
  4. Enter the amount you've refunded
  5. Enter the account you've paid the refund from
  6. Click Save