Set up your WeKeep account for UAE VAT compliance

WeKeep is a VAT-compliant accounting software that makes your VAT reporting super easy in the UAE. 

    While creating your organization's WeKeep account, configure your VAT settings:
  1. Indicate AED as your base currency
  2. Select your business location as the United Arab Emirates
  3. Choose the Emirate where your business is registered
  4. Check the Yes box for your VAT-registered business
  5. You can also change these settings by going to Account Settings and editing your Organization details.

  6. From your company's Workspace menu, click on Account settings 
  7. Click on the edit button to enter your company's address
  8. Enter your Tax registration number
  9. Click Save.

You're now ready to create and send VAT-compliant invoices and record VAT-compliant bills and expenses. WeKeep will then automatically generate your VAT return in the format required by the Federal Tax Authority of the UAE.